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Saikai ~Story~

A Promise to Meet Again ~Story~

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Hello! :D Welcome to my journal. Please enjoy your stay ^_^ There really isn't much about me I can say, but absolutely love music. I have no special talents but I can play the flute and piano, and know the pretty basics of violin. xD; I fail at string instruments. :P My interests are pretty diverse and I'm pretty much open minded. Most of the time I behave like a little kid with some wangst teenage tendencies. o_O; Don't mind that though. If you want to know more about me you can IM or just look at my journal...WARNING! I'm bit of a whiner and my life is pointless lol so the entries tend to repeat. :P

PLEASE: If you're going to add me. PLEASE let me know by posting a comment on any of my posts.
-I often have to check my userinfo if anyone added me. XD I'm more than likely to add you back, but please don't be shy and let me know you added me or something. o_O;


Credit goes to heartless_vaz for the awesome Fruits Basket mood theme :D

Also, tainee for the Friends Only Banner